Adult stuff

Wasn’t “adult” supposed to refer to a person who is “grown-up” and “mature” and “well-balanced” and all that?

Then why does that word practically always refer to:

  • forms of dizzyingly stupid entertainment wherein retarded and/or abused individuals engage in biological activities;
  • activities that are considered unsafe or barely legal, that appeal to the lower instincts only;
  • entertainment that seeks to tickle its audience by showing cruelty and violence in as much detail as possible;
  • activities that propagates stupidity as something desirable;
  • things that insult the intelligence of its audience;
  • anything that ignores or denies the imagination;
  • anything that promotes undesirable points of view (e.g. fascism)
  • anything that wallows in pessimism and dreariness

While whatever is targeted to an audience considered “immature” oftentimes:

  • takes its audience seriously;
  • presents balanced views on difficult issues;
  • takes the imagination seriously;
  • considers the intelligence of its audience;
  • has a positive outlook;
  • doesn’t mind to be considered “wimpish” or “gay” just because it’s joyful;

Or summarised: while we have high standards when it comes to what we show and teach to children; how we want them to think and hope for the best, this turns around 180 degrees as soon as the subject is considered ‘adult’.

Then everything that was previously considered ‘OK’ is suddenly ‘stupid’ and everything that was previously considered ‘not OK’ is suddenly considered at least ‘interesting’ – all in a false-chummy, sniggering sort of “nudge-nudge, grin-grin, wink-wink, know-what-I-mean” sort or way.

I’m not surprised that some children consider adults to be bat-shit crazy. They are right.

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